The CASLAR Association is planning to launch a research initiative (CASRI) in order to promote the development of research projects and publications on topics that are expected to significantly support Chinese language learning and teaching. CASRI aims to bring together scholars from all over the world to work together on these projects. Special efforts will be made by CASLAR to bring Chinese and non-Chinese scholars together to work on join projects. We will start CASRI with recommending to set up six research groups headed by scholars who are internationally recognized in their respective field of study. Please look at the suggested list below. The group supervisors will be responsible for accepting project proposals, initiating projects and directing projects within the group. They can invite co-directors, assistants and contributors.


All information about the research groups will be put on the CASLAR website coordinated by Dr. Zhiqi Gong ( and Hanh Dinh ( If you would like to join one of the research groups, please email one of the co-directors in the given group and tell about your idea and/or research. If you were not among the participants of CASLAR-5 you can still participate in the CASRI project by contacting the supervisors of the research group of your interest.


The results of the CASRI research projects will be published in the form of papers and volumes in the CASLAR journal and a CASLAR book series that will be published by Routledge or Springer.


The next CASLAR conference (CASLAR-6) will be held on August 5-7 (W-F), 2020 at The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA.


 CASRI Research Groups

1) Phonetics and Phonology
Supervisors: Hana Triskova, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Hang Zhang (George Washington University)

2) Formulaic language, idioms, situation-bound utterances
Supervisors: Sergio Conti (Roma Tre)
Zhiqi Gong (SUNY, Albany)

3) Acquisition and use of modality
Supervisors: Carlotta Sparvoli (University College Cork, Ireland)
Lizhen Peng, (Zhejiang University)

4) Innovative pedagogical approaches
Supervisors: Jane Orton, (University of Melbourne)
Professor Chen Jenn-Yeu, Chair, Department of Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University,

5) Vocabulary, speech acts and discourse
Supervisors: Chen Chun Yin Doris (National Taiwan Normal University)
Helen Shen (University of Iowa)

6) Neural mechanism of the cognitive/psychological process in the Chinese language as related to language acquisition
Supervisor: Xiaolu Wang (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou)

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